Streetwise Stun Gun Flashlight Police Force Taser Flashlight
Guard Dog Oylmpian Stun Gun Pepper Spray Flashlight Taser
Streetwise Ladies Choice Stun Gun For Women With Personal Alarm
Police Grade Pepper Sprays Tear Gas Streetwise Pepper Spray
Police Taser Gun Taser International 2017 Models


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We are the Spot for all your Spy Supplies, Personal Safety, Self Defense, and Surveillance product needs. We take pride in offering competitive prices with exceptional service that we guarantee! Our goal is to make your shopping experience with us easy, fun, educational, safe and secure. We will work hard to earn the honor to serve you, and make the "The Spy Spot" your first choice for all your personal safety, non-lethal self-defense products and spy gear needs to keep you and your love ones alert, safe and secure.

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