Flashlight Stun Guns & Taser Flashlights For Self Defense

If you are looking for the best flashlight stun gun or self defense weapons, you hit the jackpot at The Spy Spot.

We offer a complete line of rechargeable stun guns by the top brands at stun gun wholesale prices for self defense flashlights and taser flashlights. We have what you need to stay safe and light up the night with a self defense flashlight. No replacing and buying batteries, because all our flashlight stun guns are rechargeable.

Security Guards, Police and law Enforcement - If you are looking for a police taser style flashlight stun gun, we offer premium professional stun guns you can depend on. So take your time and enjoy looking around for the perfect stun gun flashlight or self defense light to protect you and your love ones.

Taser Flashlight Streetwise Police Force
Retail Price: $59.97
Guard Dog "Diablo" Stun Flashlight 4.5MV (CAMO) TLSG-GDD4500CM
Retail Price: $99.95
Diablo 4.5 Million Volt Tatical Stun Flashlight by Guard Dog Security
Guard Dog Security out did their selves when the engineers designed the Diablo model TLSG-GDD4500F. This is one of the finest most affordable stun devices on the market today and has features that separate itself from the rest. We are proud to offer and present the world´┐Żs first and only tactical flashlight with built-in concealed inner stun gun technology. The Diablo tactical stun flashlight shines a blinding 160 lumen light to illuminate far and bright, yet also effective for self defense purposes.
Retail Price: $94.95
Stun Flashlight Extreme 1 Million Volts with Holster by ZAP
The ZapLight Extreme is one of the strongest stun guns on the market at 1 Million volts. But also has an ultra bright LED flashlight with design features like the exclusive rim glow strip, to help find the stun flashlight in the dark. The 6 ultra-sharp spike electrodes on the end of the light bezel offers extra protection. The Zap light Extreme is the perfect non-lethal rechargeable stun flashlight for personal self defense protection to keep you and your love ones safe. The lightweight compact design is perfect for the home, vehicle, walking, camping, law enforcement, women, men, or just to keep it with you to always stay safe and to light up the night.
Retail Price: $98.95
Guard Dog "INFERNO" 6MV Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight (Pink)
Retail Price: $34.95
Guard Dog "INFERNO" 6MV Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlight (Black)
Retail Price: $34.95
Diablo II Tatical Stun Flashlight  5 Million Volts by Guard Dog Security
Guard Dog Security did it again with the NEW upgrade model Diablo II 5,000,000 volt tactical stun flashlight. The "Diablo II" model TLSG-GDD5000F is the upgrade to the original most popular tactical concealed stun flashlight model Diablo model (TLSG-GDD4500F). The New Diablo II model TLSG-GDD5000F comes with all the bells and whistle and stands alone in design, features and quality.
Retail Price: $119.95
Stun Guns & Tasers Can Not Be Shipped To The Following States, Cities & Counties Due To Restriction And Laws: HI,IL,MA,MI,NJ,NY,RI,WI, District of Columbia / Philadelphia,PA. Reference The Stun Gun Taser Laws Page Complete Details.

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