Police Force Stun Flashlight Product Review - Streetwise Stun Gun Flashlight SWPF8000R "How To Use" A Stun Gun Flashlight Video

Video Streetwise "Police Force" Stun Gun (SWPF8000R)

Two Minute Product Review - "How To Use" a tactical stun gun flashlight video. Streetwise "Police Force" police taser flashlight model SWPF8000R. Rechargeable 10" metal stun baton flashlight. This police tactical flashlight stun gun incorporates a 8,000,000 volt taser with a bright high lumen LED flashlight. The Police Force high voltage mini stun baton flashlight is built from a military grade aluminum housing and 100% rechargeable, no need to be replace batteries. The Streetwise self-defense stun gun is a premium grade non-lethal self defense product and used by enforcement, police, security guards and military. Civilians can get the best of both worlds to stay safe and protect themselves with the police force stun gun taser and tactical flashlight. Stun Gun measures 10" long x and weighs under 11oz. A full stun gun charge will offer several stun discharges or power the flashlight for 4 - 5 hours of continues use.