Stun Gun Product Review - ZAP "Zap Light" Flashlight Stun Gun "How To Use" A Stun Flashlight Video.

Video "ZAP LIGHT" Stun Flashlight (ZAPL)

Two Minute Product Review - "How To Use" Stun Gun Video of the "ZAPLIGHT" stun flashlight model ZAPL police grade rechargeable stun weapon and flashlight. This tactical flashlight taser incorporates one million volts as a high voltage stun weapon with a ultra bright LED tactical flashlight. The ZAP Light is in cased in a military grade aluminum housing and 100 % rechargeable so batteries do not need replacement. The ZAP Light by PS Products is premium grade self-defense weapon and a top option by law enforcement, police, security guards and military. Now civilians can get the very best of both worlds to stay safe and safeguard themselves with a premium high voltage stun gun and ultra brilliant LED flashlight. The "ZAPLIGHT" Stun Flashlight was crafted and designed in the USA by the ZAP Stun Gun Brand with the main focus on quality that can handle rugged abuse by professional law enforcement at a price point for civilian use. This model includes a premium nylon belt holster case and a AC wall charging 120V/60HZ adapter. Also available is an optional DC automobile charger for the ZAPLIGHT, order ZAP part number ZAPLCC. The ZAP LIGHT stun gun has a more aggressive version the stun flashlight baton model "ZAPLIGHT EXTREME". The ZAPLE is all black with 6 ultra sharp stun probes and includes both the AC & DC chargers with the premium holster case. See part number ZAP ZAPLE to find out more. Both the "Zap Light" (ZAPL) & "Zap Light EXTREME" (ZAPLE) Flashlight / Stun Gun's measure 6.5" long x 1.5" round and weigh under 10oz. A full stun gun charge will offer several stun discharges or power the flashlight for over 5 hours of continues use.

Stun Guns & Tasers Can Not Be Shipped To The Following States, Cities & Counties Due To Restriction And Laws: HI,IL,MA,MI,NJ,NY,RI,WI, District of Columbia / Philadelphia,PA. Reference The Stun Gun Taser Laws Page Complete Details.

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