Piexon Pepper Spray Pistol A Professional Grade Less Lethal Weapon. Kimber Pepper Blaster JPX Pepper Gun Without Laser (Black)

JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
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JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector W/O Laser (JPX001)
Part Number: JPX001

The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun by Piexon Self Defense Products is the most advance, most powerful, pepper defense system available today for less lethal self defense. The Piexon pepper spray pistol was designed for professional use by law enforcement and military around the globe, and now available for civilians personal security and self defense. This non lethal pepper gun is made in Switzerland by Piexon Self Defense Products, the maker of Kimber Firearms. You can be assured, this is a premium self defense weapon, that's built well, and designed to last. Kimber pepper blaster JPX is engineered and manufactured by a world leader in lethal weapons. You can feel confident they can build a premium less lethal option defense weapon.

Describing the quality of this self defense pepper gun is easy - because everything about is quality. The JPX pepper spray pistol frame receiver platform has a mechanical trigger and made from a durable polymer plastic with metal internal components. This model JPX Jet protector pepper gun comes without a laser sight. You can also get the Kimber pepper blaster JPX with laser sights in colors - Black(JPX002), Orange (JPX003) and Green (JPX008). A few of the features on this pepper spray pistol is a ergonomic pistol grip, easy load JPX pepper cartridge mounting rail with pepper gun locking cartridge mechanism. Along with a cartridge release that works on the left or right side of the trigger. The JPX trigger system has a double fire pin action that alternates side to side. When the Piexon JPX pepper pistol trigger is fully pulled the pepper gun is cocked and fired. The internal fire pin alternates to the opposite side of the pepper spray cartridge and is ready to fire the 2nd JPX OC pepper spray cartridge barrel. The Jet Protector JPX Pepper Gun cartridges consist of a plastic housing that encloses two aluminum canisters that incorporates an integrated jet nozzle for a accurate liquid ultra hot pepper spray shot that is propelled from the barrel at high speed. Each pepper spray canister contains .28 fl oz of a potent liquid irritant powered by a propulsion capsule that will shoot up to 23'- at a velocity over 390 MPH. Each JPX pepper gun cartridge can be fired twice and are not refillable, and must be disposed of and replaced. The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun has a duel load cartridge and are available in a few versions. The law enforcement pepper spray cartridge range 23', civilian pepper spray cartridge range 15' and a trainer cartridge range 23' that uses a die not OC Pepper Spray for training purposes.

Aiming at an assailants facial area and pulling the pepper gun trigger will allow the Kimber pepper blaster JPX to release a potent liquid inflammatory OC pepper spray. The high velocity pepper spray jet stream will shoot from the barrel at a speed greater than 390 MPH. The pepper spray formula will temporarily incapacitate an attacker with no permanent harm. The Piexon JPX Jet Protector Pepper Gun liquid spray agent is formulated from capsaicin, or oleoresin capsicum (OC), that is a extract from the cayenne pepper plant. OC is the most effective inflammatory agent available today, and is used by law enforcement and military around the world. When the liquid irritant is discharged from the pepper gun it works rapidly as the inflammatory agent affects the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes. The result is a severe burning sensation, temporary blindness, coughing and nausea with extreme discomfort. Causing confusion, and disorientation bringing the attacker to their knees and making them incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about 45 to 60 minutes and there is no permanent harm. The pepper spray pistol by Piexon is made is Switzerland. Kimber is a world leader in the firearm industry and the JPX Pepper Pistol is manufactured from high quality materials and backed by premium brand. You can feel confident owning this non lethal self defense product. The Piexon JPX001 pepper spray pistol model is backed by the manufacture and TheSpySpot.com with a two year limited warranty that covers defective materials and workmanship.


* Pepper Spray Heat Range: 10% OC Police Grade Pepper Spray

* Color: Black

* Power Source: Percussion primer propulsion capsule

* Material Type: Durable polymer plastic pistol frame metal internal components

* Features: Ergonomic Grip | Duel Shot Pepper Cartridge | Barrel Sights | Quick Release

* Distance: shoots up to 23' | velocity 405 MPH | Wide pepper spray pattern

* Size: 7.5" (Long) x 1.5" (High) x 1.5" @ Barrel / 3.5" @ Handle (Wide)

* Weight: 13 oz.

* Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty


* (1) JPX Jet Protector By Piexon Pepper Spray Pistol (Black)

* (1) 15' Two Shot Barrel Pepper Spray Cartridge

* (1) Carry Case

* Warranty & Instruction Booklet


JPX Pepper Gun Jet Protector With Laser (JPX002)
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