Yes This Stun Gun Is Pink! - What It's Not, Is Soft, Fluffy, or Cuddly.

Pink Stun Gun - High Volt Mini Disable Pin Stun Gun Pink Kit
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Pink Stun Gun - High Volt Mini Disable Pin Stun Gun Pink Kit
Pink Stun Gun - High Volt Mini Disable Pin Stun Gun Pink Kit
Pink Stun Gun - High Volt Mini Disable Pin Stun Gun Pink Kit
Pink Stun Gun - High Volt Mini Disable Pin Stun Gun Pink Kit
Pink Stun Gun - High Volt Mini Disable Pin Stun Gun Pink Kit

This pink taser stun gun is an attacker stomping, pain inflicting, multi - million volt direct contact non lethal stun device self defense product. Now you can better guard yourself and improve your streetwise awareness for greater personal security and self defense for you and your love ones. The compact size of this hand held pink mini stun gun model is one of our most popular designs. It's elegant design is smaller than most disable pin stun gun models. This multifunction mini flashlight stun gun is available in colors; pink, purple or black...


*High Voltage: Open Volts 8,000,000 To 25,000,000+ Million Volts
*Mini Flashlight: High Lumen Mini Flashlight Built-In
*No Slip Grip: Stun Gun With Pink Coated Grip
*Mini Stun Gun: 4" Long X 2" Wide X 1" Thick (Weight 4.5oz)
*Safety Switch: Helps Prevent Accidental Stun Discharge
*Stun Disable Pin: Kit Includes (3) Stun Gun Disable Pin Style Options
*Belt Holster: Includes (1) Taser Belt Holster
*Premium Case: Includes (1) U-Guard Security Products® Protective Case
*Rechargeable: Flashlight Stun Gun Is 100% Rechargeable With Built In AC Charger
*Stun Gun Color: Pink
*Warranty: U-Guard Security Products Lifetime Warranty

This high powered disable pin pink taser stun gun has one of the highest open voltage ratings available generating several million stun volts to carry the stun gun probes stopping power amprage through clothing. Just test firing this pink stun gun with its bright blue sparks and the loud crackling sound will get someone that wants to harm you, to think twice before they make a move. The smaller pink taser stun gun size offers you the element of surprise with your attacker because they would never imagine something so powerful would come from this pink box let alone a self defense weapon. You can be assured this compact stun self defense product will make you better streetwise and aware and will be like having your own guard dog by your side to help you defend yourself where ever you go! The small stun gun design is ideal for most size hands and fits in your pocket, purse, glove box, end table or backpack when walking around the college campus. Measuring in at about 4" inches long and weighing only 4 oz, the pretty in pink stun gun is about the size of a deck of cards or a pack of cigarettes in size comparison. The multi million volt mini pink flashlight stun gun is designed to go, where you go!

This model is a top choice by the ladies because of its high voltage, durability, color options, safety features and ease of use. The NEW stun gun taser technology combines both a several million of volt stun gun, with low profile un-obstructive stun probes, and a ultra bright high lumen flashlight built in to the front of compact durable pink tazer housing, with a coated pink non slip grip. The U-Guard Security Products® pink flashlight stun gun kit has everything you need to be prepared so you can feel safer, more confident if you need to be on guard and defend yourself. The kit includes (1) Disable Pin Pink Stun Gun, (3) Stun Gun Safety Pin Options To Disable The Taser Feature, (1) Premium Protective Stun Gun Flashlight Case (1) Belt Taser Holster. This self defense weapon for women pink stun gun also comes with a lifetime warranty.

No need to purchase batteries because the pink taser stun gun is a 100% rechargeable with a built-in AC wall charger that slides out from the bottom of the unit. Just charge your new pink stun gun for a full eight hours and you are ready to have one of the most powerful self-defense weapons for women available. The ultra bright flashlight is a power efficient light source to light up the night or can be used as a secondary defense option to disorient your assailant if shined directly in to your attackers eyes, giving you time to get away, or zap your attacker again with your mini pink stun gun. One of the main features on this pink tazer model that separates it from the rest, is the tazer disable pin safety feature that deactivates the power to the taser probes on the stun gun when the pin is removed. The disable pin stun feature is a huge benefit if the wrist strap pin is inserted in the stun gun and it is taken from you. When the stun gun disable pin is removed it deactivates the tazer feature so your assailant can not use the stun device on you.

Stun Guns & Tasers Can Not Be Shipped To The Following States, Cities & Counties Due To Restriction And Laws: HI,IL,MA,MI,NJ,NY,RI,WI, District of Columbia / Philadelphia,PA. Reference The Stun Gun Taser Laws Page Complete Details.

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