Hand Held Metal Detectors & Wand Security Scanners

The Spy Spot offers a variety of handheld security wands and metal detectors at great prices! If you are looking to add better security for sporting events, concerts, airports, businesses, government buildings and other facilities. Security Scanners and hand held metal detectors will assist in every aspect of weapon detection, loss prevention, body orifice scanning and overall better security. The use of a hand held security wand is the perfect tool for the job...

Streetwise Hand Held Metal Detector & Security Scanner SWMD
Retail Price: $69.95
Stun Guns & Tasers Can Not Be Shipped To The Following States, Cities & Counties Due To Restriction And Laws: HI,IL,MA,MI,NJ,NY,RI,WI, District of Columbia / Philadelphia,PA. Reference The Stun Gun Taser Laws Page Complete Details.

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