Wooded Cedar Tire Thumper 19.5" Mini Bat

19" Tire Thumper "MINI" Cedar Wooden Bat
19" Tire Thumper "MINI" Cedar Wooden Bat
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Product Description

19" Tire Thumper "MINI" Cedar Wooden Bat
At 19.5" 100% Cedar "Tire Thumper" bat with steel center rod for extra strength. Super Strong with comfort groove grip and leather wrist strap for a no-slip grip. Ideal for checking Truck, Tractor trailer, RV, Camper, Trailers and Heavy Equipment tires for proper air pressure.

Part Number: TT1

UPC Code: 797053100398


* Cedar wooden "Mini" bat with grooved handle grip

* Professional grade "Tire Thumper" with reinforced steel center rod for extra strength

* Ideal for checking Truck,Tractor Trailer,RV,Camper, Trailers and Heavy Equipment Tires.

* Length 19.5" Weighs 20oz.

* Super Strong - Built to last!

* Designed as a long lasting tool for checking tires -

* Great as travel safety tool

* Leather hand wrist strap thong

* Designed for checking tire pressures only

* Top quality design - Preferred choice for professional truck drivers

* Made in the USA

This tire thumper by PS Products part number TT1 is a professional grade quality tire thumper club design and built to last. The tire thumper bat tire pressure mini baseball bat is made in the USA and is the preferred choice for the professional truck driver. It's an ideal companion as a tire thumper stick to have with anyone that travels and needs to check several tire pressures for their safety that drive Trucks, Tractor Trailers,Semi's,RV's,Campers,5th Wheel Trailers, Utility Trailers, Car Haulers, Boat Trailers and Heavy Equipment Vehicle Tires. The tire thumper bat is 100% cedar wood with a reinforced steel center rod to make it super strong but also gives the proper bounce to estimate if the tire pressure is at a safe driving PSI. The custom cut grooved handle and leather wrist strap thong helps prevent slippage and assures a firm non slip grip for when the baton is used to strike. This Mini baseball bat is heavy duty for functionality, but is small and compact to carry with you. At a length of only 19.5" long and weighing in at 20oz. It's not an expandable baton but model TT1 is a compact thumper baton to get the job done that won't take up too much room. The Spy Spot Store is a registered PS Products dealer and honors all manufactures warranty's for products purchased from us. You can purchase with confidence with us because all purchases get our exclusive "30 Day Purchase Assurance Satisfaction Guarantee"

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