ZAP CANE Stun Baton Walking Cane 1.0MV

ZAP CANE Stun Baton Walking Cane 1 Million Volts by ZAP
ZAP CANE Stun Baton Walking Cane 1 Million Volts by ZAP
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Product Description

ZAP CANE Stun Baton Walking Cane 1 Million Volts by ZAP
Feel safe with this 1 Million volt walking cane strike baton. Includes a built-in ultra bright LED flashlight, carry case and charger.

Model Number: ZAPCANE

UPC Code: 797053100251


* 1 million volts of stopping power

* 7 1/2" of shocking electrodes wrap the entire bottom shaft

* Intimidating electrical arc and crackle

* Adjustable cane length of 32"-36"

* Weight capacity of 250 lbs

* Safety indicator light with on/off switch

* Built-in ultra-bright LED flashlight

* Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery

* Includes high quality nylon carrying case

* Includes AC charger for easy battery recharge

* Includes extra rubber tip for the end of the cane

* ZAP Products are designed and engineered in the USA

* The ZAP "ZAP Cane" comes with a (2) Year Limited Warranty.

* Note: Rechargeable stun devices need to be fully charged before operating.

ZAP rechargeable & adjustable 32"-36" stun baton walking cane packs 1 million volts with a bright LED light on the handle to light up the night and carrying case. This well built self-defense walking cane was designed and engineered in the USA by PS Products. The new ZAP stun cane with flashlight model number "ZAPCANE" is a perfect device for not only support but also for personal self defense protection. It's built tough and strong to ensure it does its job of protecting you and your family. It features multiple metal stun 7" contact strips that packs 1,000,000 non lethal volts into an attacker. The long reach gives you a serious advantage in range in a confrontation and allows the cane to be used not only to stun but also as a striking baton with up to a 36" reach. The adjustable ZAP CANE can extend from 32 inches up to 36 inches making it suitable for users of varying heights. It has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. Another feature built into the grip is an ultra-bright LED flashlight to help either light your way or blind and disorient an attacker. The "ZAPCANE" features a built-in Ni-MH rechargeable battery, so you never have to buy new batteries for the device. It also includes an AC/DC wall charger, and extra cane end rubber tip, and a handy carrying case. Simply touching an attacker with a stun gun for two to three seconds will deliver a high voltage non-lethal shock causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion, and disorientation bringing the attacker to their knees and making them incapable of further aggressive activity. Full recovery takes about five to ten minutes and there is no permanent harm. ZAP Products are made from the highest quality materials and designed to last. ZAP Brand by PS Products are designed and engineered in the USA. The "ZapCane" comes with a manufactures 2 year limited warranty.

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